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What I Wore Today

Not the best day for me. But at least my Tweety pouch can cheer me up :)

Love is...

A promise. And I found myself loving your present the most, I didn't even open other presents from the plastic wrap because I knew they have no meaning to me. And I fall for you all over again. - now reading your love letter for the hundreds time

Blue-ish Gold

     Metallic colors seem quite popular these days. Metallic skirt, whether it's in pink rose, silver, even gold is already worn by a lot of fashionista around the world. I've been eye-ing this pink metallic skirt from Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari for a while now. Since they made their second debut at Jakarta Fashion Week but it hasn't launched yet :(     
     There's a lot of styles you can choose with mix n matching the metallic color skirts. You can wear it with a t-shirt and black leather jacket to make you look classy yet swaggy. Or you can pair it with an oversized sweater to make a sporty yet feminine look. And of course, it's perfect for fall/winter season because the sweater will always make you feel warm and comfy.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses: DRESSFASHION

Happiness is owned by those who accept their own self. You can go on diet for days before your wedding day, but donut is still delicious, girl. Check out wedding dresses from DRESSFASHION. They have a special category for plus size women. >>

Random Thoughts of The Night

     It's kinda mortifying don't you think? The fact that 'sometimes' people are just being so rude to other people who are not at the same level as them. Whether it is beauty level or wealth level. They tend to associate with other people who are similar to them. Big city girls hang out with other big city girls. Rich kids hang out with other rich kids. Small town girls hang out with small town girls (well unless she is a rich small town girl) because they feel inferior if they hang out with big city girls. You know what I mean?
     Okay well, it's not like we are in the movie where rich girls bully poor girls. But sometimes, people appearance itself can make other people feel intimidated. Like how Andrea Sachs feels intimidated by her co-worker Emily Charlton because Emily was so stylish and luxurious in The Devil Wears Prada movie.
     Rather than sad, I just feel ashamed. For those who dressed up nicely with designer bags and shiny cars to be so unwilling to associate with others in an ordinary style. Don't we are all just human?